At Truly Grass Fed, we’re passionate about great food that’s compassionately crafted with our consumers, animals and the planet in mind. We’re driven by our values to do things differently, because that’s what gives us meaning.

The Truly Grass Fed way of dairy farming has been passed down through the generations and has continued to evolve and innovate with the times.


Our belief in sustainability and in preserving the beautiful land of Ireland is ingrained in our values and informs our way of life.


We love what we do and we’re

passionate about maintaining our

unique way of farming.


We truly believe that ensuring our cows live outside for most of the year, providing them with 95% grass to eat and treating them like family

makes for superior-tasting

cheese and butter.

Truly Grass Fed is a point of view. A way of life. One that you may already be living. What goes into our grass-fed world doesn’t just make high-quality dairy.


It doesn’t just pair well with food. No. It pairs well with you. And all that you do. Because your values are our values. And every occasion

should be truly different.

Learn more about how Truly Grass Fed #PairsWithYou HERE.

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